Felicitas von Peter

Felicitas Peter
  • Founder and Managing Partner
    Active Philanthropy

Felicitas von Peter is Founder and Managing Partner of Active Philanthropy and Managing Director of Beyond Philanthropy. Set up in 2006, Active Philanthropy helps entrepreneurial families and individuals to generate the maximum impact from their philanthropic activities and social investments. Active Philanthropy organizes workshops, expeditions and publishes guidebooks, providing a safe space to meet peers and learn from each other. Beyond Philanthropy offers individual support and consulting service for private individuals, foundations and companies that are customized to the clients' requirements. Before setting up her own organization, von Peter worked at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany, one of the largest operating foundations in Europe. She ran the Foundation's international projects in Media and Education, and coordinated the set-up of the Foundation office in New York. Later, she was responsible for conceptualizing and running the Foundation's national and international donor education programmes. She also co-chaired the international donor education programme “The Philanthropy Workshop” (in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation). Von Peter holds a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge.