Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr

Ken Saro-Wiwa
  • Writer and Public Official
    Office of the President of Nigeria

Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr, aka Ken Wiwa, is a writer and social justice activist. He is Special Assistant on International Affairs to President Yar'Adua of Nigeria with additional responsibilities in climate change. He has worked for The Guardian in London and as a columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail. He has written for newspapers around the world, presented television and radio programmes for the BBC and CBC. His first book, In the Shadow of a Saint, received critical acclaim and won the 2002 Hurston/Wright Non-Fiction Award. He served as Mentor at the Trudeau Foundation in Canada and was a Saul Rae Fellow at the Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto. He was a Senior Resident at Massey College, University of Toronto. He is a Member of the Africa Advisory Council for the Prince of Wales Rainforest Project. He served under former President Obasanjo of Nigeria as Special Assistant to the President on Peace, Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution. Wiwa was educated at the University of London.