Tyler Br

Tyler Brûlé
  • Editor-in-Chief

Born in Canada, Tyler moved to the UK in 1989 where he trained as a journalist with the BBC. Later, he wrote for The Guardian, Stern, The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair. Tyler launched Wallpaper* magazine in 1996, a title which became an instant success. It was purchased by Time Warner in 1997 and went on to sell worldwide. In 2002, Tyler sold his stake in Wallpaper* to focus on developing Wink Media, a full-service intelligence-driven design agency he founded in 1998. In 2002, he bought back Wink Media from Time, Inc, and re-launched and renamed it Winkreative. Guided by an editorial spirit, Winkreative’s past and present clients include Marks & Spencer, Bally and Stella McCartney, among others. It also publishes a biannual forecast that reports on upcoming trends in the retail, travel, transport and luxury sectors. Winkontent (the editorial and TV production arm of Winkorp), in conjunction with Moonbeam films, was commissioned to produce a new show for BBC Four called The Desk that was presented by Tyler and launched in 2005. He is a regular columnist for the Financial Times, The New York Times’ new T magazine and Switzerland’s NZZ am Sonntag.