The Forum Member Community unites visionary business leaders to shape the future

World Economic Forum Member companies represent outstanding firms that count among the world’s top innovators, market shapers, disruptors, niche market leaders and regional champions.

Forum Membership empowers business leaders to understand, shape and lead

The Forum Members’ community unites leading regional and global businesses with the desire and potential to significantly transform the future. These companies stimulate economic growth in their respective regions through their technological and business model innovations and know-how.

They collaborate across industries and regions to leverage opportunities and tackle the challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Companies invited to become Forum Members can use the World Economic Forum platform to help shape regional and global agenda on key issues. The Forum offers Members the opportunity to:

  • Connect in person and virtually with a global community of thought leaders, chief executives, heads of state, academics, public figures and technology disruptors, in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Understand the changes taking place in the world by using the Forum’s first-class research and insights to discover connections and anticipate trends in time to act.
  • Lead by shaping the agenda on topics that will have profound implications for industry, policy-makers and society.
  • Increase visibility on issues that matter by taking to the global stage through Forum meetings and its digital platforms.
  • Enhance individual and organizational development through participation in initiatives, programmes and events.

Convening, connecting, creating

The Forum Members’ community convenes at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the world’s premier meeting on innovation, technology and science, held in China.

With China emerging as the epicentre of technological and business innovation, Forum Member companies have the opportunity to engage with influential leaders from around the world, developing insights into key technological trends affecting business and industry.

Depending on their interests, Members may also participate in the Forum’s regional meetings and high-level workshops on Africa, ASEAN, China, Europe and Eurasia, India and South Asia, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa, which provide an impartial platform for discussing major political, economic and business issues affecting each region. Forum Member companies can also leverage their local influence to advance important issues.

How to engage

Forum Membership is by invitation only, alongside the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the Forum Mission
  • Members are leaders in their field
  • Among the world’s top innovators, market shapers, disruptors and regional champions
  • Global or regional leaders in an industry or market
  • Interested or involved in the development of new business models
  • Strong interest in disruption through innovation, science and technology
  • Outpacing average growth in relation to industry over the past three years
  • Financial data must be forthcoming

Impeccable Reputation:

  • Committed to improving the state of the world, aligned with Forum’s values
  • Leadership demonstrates the highest level of integrity
  • Holds respect of leaders from business, government, civil society, academia and the public
  • Strives to deliver a positive impact on society
  • Innovative, with a strong focus on science and technology.

Get involved

You can nominate a company to become a Forum Member, by clicking here.

For any other questions or inquiries, please get in touch.