Irad Eicher and Offer Cohen Irad Eicher and Offer Cohen of Shekulo Tov have become the Social Entrepreneuers of the Year in Israel. The jury selected the two founders of Shekulo Tov for their engagement for the mentally handicapped.

Shekulo Tov specializes in providing occupational rehabilitation services for the mentally handicapped in Israel so they can become equal members of society. Shekulo Tov was founded with the belief that every person has the right to be fully integrated into the community. Through its jobs programme, Shekulo Tov has changed the attitude towards rehabilitating the mentally handicapped in Israel.

The organisation operates nine enterprises and ventures and 80 sales points in eight regions in Israel. It provides employment and rehabilitation services for 1,400 mentally handicapped persons as well as a range of cultural and recreational initiatives for 700 additional rehabilitants, including regular trips throughout Israel, bicycle groups and coffee shop gatherings.

The founder Irad Eichler studied criminology and sociology, with a specialization in anthropology. During his studies, he began to work at Rihan Hostel for young girls at risk, as a guide at the Rosh Ha’Ayin Scouts, and as a coordinator at hostels for the mentally handicapped. The CEO Offer Cohen joined the group from the business and food industry world, where he served in various executive positions. His previous position was COO of the Erez Bread bakery chain, where he was responsible for all operations and logistics of stores and cafes.