The World Economic Forum selected 26 companies as Technology Pioneers 2010. The companies represent the most innovative start-ups from around the globe that will have a critical impact on the future of business and society. These innovators will join the wider World Economic Forum community for the first time during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos-Klosters, in January.

The Technology Pioneers 2010 are active in areas such as cloud computing and open source application management, social networking, financial inclusion through telecommunications, genome sequencing, responsive implants and wireless patient management solutions, waste remediation, fuel cell technology and the production of energy efficient building materials.

This year, the Forum witnessed a substantial increase in the number of cleantech and energy-related companies applying for the award, as well as in the overall percentage that were selected as Technology Pioneers compared with previous years. This suggests that the concern surrounding the environment and climate change coupled with the “green stimulus package” is driving resources and top innovation in this area.

The identification of the Technology Pioneer companies is the result of a vigorous selection process for which the Forum received more than 300 applications from around the world, and that were evaluated by 58 global technology experts. The 2010 class covers four continents, with 18 of the 26 companies hailing from the US and the rest from Brazil (for the first time featuring a company in the Technology Pioneer award), Germany, India, Israel, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

The selected companies are in alphabetical order: Amiando, Amobee, Aura Biosciences, BioFuelBox, Bloom Energy Corporation, Boston-Power, Care Electric Energia, CollabNet, Corventis, Dilithium Networks, Epuramat, eSolar, Innovid, Lehigh Technologies, Metabolix, MicroCHIPS, Obopay, Pacific Biosciences, Playfish, Proteon Therapeutics, RingCentral, Serious Materials, StreamBase, Twitter, Ushahidi and VNL. The entire list of Technology Pioneers, with their profiles and video interviews with their CEOs, can be found at

To be selected as a Technology Pioneer, a company must be involved in the development of a life-changing technology innovation and have the potential for long-term impact on business and society. In addition, it must demonstrate visionary leadership and show all the signs of a long-standing and sustainable market leader – and its technology must be proven.

Previous Technology Pioneers include 23andme (2008), Amyris Biotechnologies (2006), Dr Reddy Laboratories (2001), Google (2001), Gridpoint (2008), Kaspersky Lab (2001), Mozilla Corporation (2007), Nanosolar (2007), Recyclebank (2009) and Silver Spring Networks (2008). Nominate a company to be a Technology Pioneer 2011 at