At this year’s Summer Davos, we can find many discussions about healthcare, which is one of the toughest challenges for the whole world. In the era of sustainability, health is the prerequisite and foundation for a harmonious world.

Liu Jiren5 Today, nearly all the countries, even developed countries, are encountering tremendous challenges in medical reform, and investment in medical services has increased on a continuous basis, but still not adequate to cope with the healthcare demands of the people. This suggests that the conventional development model is unsustainable. Unless global medical services are changed into a disease prevention-based pattern from the conventional treatment-based pattern, together with the transformation of people’s life style, success can not be made in the global medical reforms. The application of information technology will ensure global medical and health services a sustainable development driven by the disease prevention and healthcare management.

Medical reforms in the past focused on increasing investment. However, owing to the imbalanced distribution of medical resources, high-quality resources are made available only to the minority instead of those people with low income who can not afford medical expenses in remote areas, leading to a low return on the investment. With the integration of medical services and information & the Internet technologies, a smart, ubiquitous and low-cost healthcare service network will be built to create a win-win ecosystem covering governments, medical institutions, communities, families and individuals. This helps medical resources maintain a balanced and sustainable development, providing everyone with equitable, high-quality, and low-cost healthcare services. In this sense, the extensive application of information technology will provide a better solution for the issue of healthcare worldwide and enable a harmonious development in the area and contribute to the sustainability of the world.

Editors Note:

Dr.Liu Jiren, Chairman & CEO of Neusoft Corporation and a Global Growth Company