Gri-book-cover Following the initial launch of the Global Redesign Initiative (GRI) Report in Doha earlier in the year, we have now released a book charting a unique collaborative thought process: “Global Redesign: Strengthening International Cooperation in a More Interdependent World”. Hundreds of experts from the Forum’s communities have been involved since 2009, including the Global Agenda Councils, Young Global Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, and Industry Partners. The contributors also include a distinguished set of rapporteurs, who offer their reflections in nine thematic chapters:
1. Creating a Values Framework
2. Building Sustained Economic Growth
3. Strengthening the International Monetary and Financial System
4. Creating Employment, Eradicating Poverty and Improving Social Welfare
5. Managing and Mitigating Global Risks
6. Ensuring Health for All
7. Enhancing Global Security
8. Ensuring Sustainability
9. Building Effective Institutions in an Empowered Society

This book puts forth a number of proposals for how to address these challenges and the need to reform institutions and processes in a way that reflects today’s new reality in international cooperation – which is also the theme of the upcoming World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

The proposals, ranging from the creation of a global systemic financial risk watchdog to the development of an Ocean Health Index, were first presented in a Summit in Doha at the end of May 2010, where political leaders and experts from business and academia were invited to comment on, refine and take forward these ideas. We are facilitating this process by continuing to encourage discussion and refinement of these proposals and educating policy-makers about them.

Editors note: Richard Samans is a Managing Board Director at the World Economic Forum