Climate Change and World Trade A study released today at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16), From Collision to Vision: Climate Change and World Trade will form an integral part of today’s symposium organized by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Cancún, Mexico.

In the study, the World Economic Forum’s Working Group on Trade and Climate Change outlines how a clash between trade and climate change can be avoided and suggests how the World Trade organization (WTO) can advance trade while achieving climate change goals.

From Collision to Vision: Climate Change and World Trade underlines the link between climate change and trade. Economically, environmentally and politically, these two significant areas of global concern are inextricably linked. Given this, a way forward must be established that continues to lower barriers to trade while combating climate change. The international rules governing world trade and the measures being constructed to confront climate change are otherwise bound to collide.

The Working Group behind the study, composed of members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils, deconstructs this important question, provides an overview of the relevant legal landscape and makes practical suggestions that governments can undertake to pre-empt a conflict between environmental and trade objectives. The study sets forth solutions to help ensure that these two important agendas are mutually reinforcing.

From Collision to Vision: Climate Change and World Trade