Dimitry Medvedev - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011Just two days after the deadly terrorist attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev delivered the opening address at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011. “All our efforts to further develop the world economy will be for nothing if we fail to defeat terrorism, extremism and intolerance, if we fail to eradicate altogether these evils which are the greatest danger to mankind,” Medvedev told some 2,500 participants in the opening session.

“Success can be ensured not by states alone but through broad dialogue with civil society.” Added the Russian leader: “The pain from the loss of human lives will stay in our hearts for too long, but they only strengthen our resolve to find a solution to international terror.” The timing of the bombing indicated that those responsible “expected that their act would bring Russia to its knees” and that the president would cancel his trip to Davos, Medvedev said. “They miscalculated.”

In his address, Medvedev also outlined his government’s plans for modernizing the Russian economy and enhancing Russia’s global competitiveness. “Russia faces many difficulties in building the rule of law and creating a modern economy,” he acknowledged. “We are moving ahead in fighting corruption and modernizing the judiciary, though we have not yet achieved the best results from our efforts.” He stressed his commitment to openness and technological development and the importance of attracting talent to Russia. “Our task is to turn Russia into a more attractive place for the best minds in the world,” Medvedev stressed. “Russia is an open country that is already part of the world economy.” Governments “should listen to what people have to say,” he concluded. “When authorities don’t meet the aspirations of the people, there will be a sad outcome. They will face chaos and instability.” Watch the full session below.