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For the 7th YGL Annual Meeting the YGL Team is taking the opportunity to share some of the highlights with the global YGL Community that hasn’t been able to join us in Dalian.

The meeting started out at the Chinese Martial Arts Hall. As we descended from the bus we picked up a placard nametag and a colored t-shirt.



We sat in plenary according to our colors. David welcomed us and asked us to consider, and explicitly write on our placard, our vision to improve the state of the world.

This question sparked us to consider the importance as a voice of future global thinking. We are the catalysts to repair the multitude of challenges facing our world.

The context for our week together was laid before us: We, as the next generation of leaders, need to move to new and more impactful ways of doing, thinking and being. We need to relearn the way we learn. This week is to be a physical mental, and possibly spiritual journey to explore our leadership style.

We cannot contribute to the world, though, unless we protect our asset. This was a message from Geoff Davis in Tanzania, and it resonated with all of us type A personalities! So this is how we launched our summit.

Julia Novy-Hildesley, Leo Schlesinger, Maya Kuzmanovic told personal stories about how and why they take care of themselves. Olivier, a brain scientist, shared about the physiological mechanisms supporting their techniques, including

  • exercise (it slows down our cognitive decline)
  • social interaction
  • healthy food
  • playing games
  • meditation
  • sleep

By the way, all of the panelists defined ‘the asset’ as not only us, but also everything around us.

To be sure that we “walk the talk” we headed outside into the sunshine and fresh air to practice Ba Gua Zhang with our new grand master.

 Stay tuned for more updates! We are missing and thinking of all YGLs who are not here with us!

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