My last day in Davos.

Besides the normal stuff, today I participated in a wonderful debate about equality. It was very specific: “what needs to be done to have women gain access to jobs, top jobs and leadership roles all around the world”.

Talent certainly isn’t the problem, there are so many great female talents. Young people seem to understand much better how important it is to mobilize all the talent we can find. They don’t suffer so much from the culture barriers that have proven to be so difficult to overcome.

I believe education and encouragement are the key words.

I am a true fan of women participating. Of diversity in general, to be honest. We take much better decisions if we have different viewpoints and backgrounds.

Gender diversity is a huge opportunity and we concluded that leaders must set the example. Role models are key.

It is one of the things I will take away from Davos on my “to do” list:
Be vocal about diversity.

For the rest, we need to embrace change. Protest against inequalities and requests for innovation, new ideas from young. Global shapers, all these signals need to be taken seriously.

There is a lot to do better!

Ben Verwaayen is CEO of Alcatel-Lucent and a member of the World Economnic Forum Foundation Board

Pictured: Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany (L) and Hilde Schwab (C), Chairperson and Co-Founder, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Switzerland are captured during the session ‘Opening of the Annual Meeting 2012’ at the Annual Meeting 2012 of the World Economic Forum at the congress centre in Davos, Switzerland, January 25, 2012.