Bonjour! As the head of the Health Team at the Forum, I am thrilled with this year’s programme at the Annual Meeting. We have a forward-looking agenda focusing on the ongoing transformation of the global health and healthcare landscape and the emergence of new models for sustainable health systems. In addition, public and private programmes are aligned to enable discussions on the globalization of non-communicable diseases, explore opportunities and innovative models for prevention of NCDs and multistakeholder collaboration to promote healthy living.

Health is undoubtedly a key component of growth and development, and all stakeholders are aware of healthcare costs as major contributors to public budget and deficit. In a year in which discussions in Davos focus intensely on economic issues, it will be particularly valuable to see health sessions integrated across the board. We already started to see this at today’s session on the creative workplace where I was positively surprised to see how often health and wellness were mentioned as critical elements in fostering creativity, productivity and outstanding performance.

I am delighted to share that 28 Partner companies across the Healthcare Industry Community are participating in the Annual Meeting. This exceptional community of health providers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, medical device and technology providers, among many others, will be at the table with exceptional public figures such as Commissioner John Dalli, Dr Margaret Chan and Dr Margaret Hamburg to discuss the most pressing and interesting issues on the health agenda globally. No other event brings together such diverse stakeholders, talent and commitment.

It is anticipated that “access” and “transformation” will be strong keywords in our dialogue. I feel confident that together we will embark on powerful discussions reflecting the need to undertake positive and sustainable transformations, to address equal access to quality healthcare, access to healthy choices and healthy lives, and engage in successful partnerships for improved health outcomes. All the actors are in place and the stage is set for a great Annual Meeting.

À demain,