These are Aliens who come from faraway galaxies and unknown places, arrived in peace to investigate our reality. From the very beginning they have started to get in touch with us, trying to live our daily lives.

However, sometimes, when you thoroughly investigate, you discover people’s fragility, strengths and weaknesses. They discovered that the inhabitants of Planet Earth, for their ambitions, take no interest in the humans next to them, often creating abyssal social gaps.

These Beings arouse a sense of reassurance and sympathy – their features are cheerful and good-natured, although stylized to the maximum degree. They have a mission; they are here “to make us reflect”.

Looking at them we discover that they are not so different from us, with their tribal tattoos and their almost human appearances. Watching closely, they reflect you and an “introspection” happens. This should make us reflect on what we do since our actions have an impact on a future not so far away.

Lunardon’s Beings, with their reflecting “skin” on which the silhouettes of their human observers reverberate, say much about us, about our inner fragility. They, the Beings, are resilient. The borosilicate glass of which they are made, although very thin and light, is extremely durable and hardly deteriorates. Lunardon’s imperturbable creatures mock us humans and remind us of our limitations but…they come to help ss.

Massimo Lunardon was born in Marostica (Vicenza) in 1964. Since taking his degree in Industrial Design at the Domus Academy in 1991, he has made blown glass the focus of his work in both art and design. He has worked with a number of firms, such as Artemide, Driade, Flos, Memphis, Bisazza, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc and Zani & Zani, creating prototypes and objects in limited series. He has produced analogous objects in limited series for many designers, including Andrea Anastasio, Ron Arad, Aldo Cibic, Javier Mariscal, Marc Newson, Denis Santachiara, Matteo Thun and Bob Wilson. Since 1998, he has been teaching lamp blowing at the Vetroricerca School in Bolzano.