Tech Tuesday is an ongoing series profiling the Forum’s Technology Pioneers. The Tech Pioneers are companies that have been recognized by the Forum for groundbreaking and innovative approaches in tackling some of the world’s most wicked problems. Each week we will showcase some of the 2012 Tech Pioneers. You can learn more about the Technology Pioneer Programme on the Forum’s website.

Tabula Digita develops video games to engage high school students in the pursuit of knowledge

Tabula Digita’s award-winning technology breaks new ground by taking advantage of an estimated 93% of US school students who play video games. Its current product, the DimensionU Learning System, covers literacy, science, history and mathematics. The company’s multiplayer technology was originally designed for classrooms, but it is now offering a consumer version that can be accessed for free over the Internet. A key feature is a reward system, which enables parents or relatives to pay a small amount of money to the student after he passes critical points in the game. Tabula Digita makes a small profit by selling accessories to students who have earned awards or by getting a  commission on products sold by other companies. Roughly three-fourths of the students are in lower grades, with the remaining fourth in high school.

Ntiedo Etuk, the company’s founder, got the idea when he noticed that many students were bored by conventional teaching methods. Etuk remarked that most educational material is aimed at helping teachers, while a greater effort is needed to equip students to solve problems on their own. The company’s software is currently in use in leading public school systems in New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois. Tabula Digita’s goal is to remain a pioneering market leader in technology that equips youth with the basic educational tools for life while having fun doing it.


Tabula Digita
Ntiedo Etuk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Location: NY, USA
Number of Employees: 23
Year Founded: 2003

Tabula Digita
5-14 51st Avenue, 3rd Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101
Telephone: +1 917 251 8070