I strongly believe that all of the participants that will come together for the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Puerto Vallarta, regardless their age, where they come from or what they do for living, are committed in some way to improve the state of the World, as I am.

Youth will be represented this time with a group of 15 Global Shapers from Latin America. As the youngest member of the group and one of the Mexicans, I am aware of the responsibility that comes with the honor of participating in the different sessions that will address our region’s most important challenges. I’m looking forward for sessions like “Beating Inequality”, “Youth, Jobs and Dignity”, “México Mañana” and “The Next Generation of Latin America Leadership”.

In countries like Mexico, where half of the population is under 27 years old, we have the enormous challenge of empowering youth. As youth becomes an important part of the economically active population, the economic growth of our countries will be potentiated in the next decades. The millennial generation is bringing new perspectives and solutions to the world’s most challenging problems, and an enormous knowledge of how the world is working today. In a world that is changing all the time, millennials are moving faster and looking for opportunities to enhance their careers and, at the same time, incorporate their values and beliefs into everything they do.

María Fernanda Gándara Gil  is a BS Architecture candidate at Tecnológico de Monterrey. She works at IGNIA Partners, LLC. as a Junior Analyst and is Monterrey’s City Chair for Global Dignity. She is a member of the Global Shapers Community, Monterrey Hub.