My name is Francisca Valenzuela. I am 25 years old. I am a composer, a singer songwriter, a performer, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have always been motivated by art and by creativity.  It is a spontaneous inclination –the desire to express myself, to create, to communicate. I am very happy and lucky that I have committed to this interest and have developed it into my main activity and work. It has become my career.

At the same time, I have always been compelled to participate and be active in certain social and civil causes that seem important to me, whether it’s minorities’ rights, women’s rights and liberties, education, ecological causes and others.  With the visibility I have from my artistic platform, I have had the opportunity to deepen my interest and impact in these causes. I have the chance to not only communicate a message and say something from my music and art in itself, but from the platform as an artist with some visibility and relevance in Latin America. It is a great privilege and challenge. Creating music, art and content is the number one priority, but it has come hand in hand with my drive to learn new things, grow and be active in projects that can have a positive outcome and impact on society.

Going to the Puerto Vallarta to the World Economic Forum on Latin America as a Global Shaper is an opportunity (a unique and different one to my regular job, I might add!) to meet and network with people from around the globe that are involved and interested in having a global impact, whether it’s from the political, social, business, academic perspective or otherwise. I am interested in sharing these experiences with people and learning from all sorts of visions, activities and endeavors.

Currently, the Global Shapers Santiago hub is currently working on a project to contribute to civic education. Hopefully, we can make Chile’s youth even more involved, respectful, aware, proactive, empathetic and imaginative- for themselves, each other and the Chile we all want to build.