From human rights lawyers to management consultants, homeless shelter directors to investment bankers and tech CEOs to social entrepreneurs; the diversity of the Global Shapers’ London Hub is key to its work.

London is known globally for its financial and commercial centres, as well as its Parliament, palaces and, of course, the 2012 Olympics. But London as a city is at a crossroads; our banking system is being called into question and, as the riots last year showed, we have challenging social issues. The question is, how can we harness the participation seen at the games and the wealth of innovation, optimism and skills of Generation Y to achieve significant social change?

The diversity of our hub, combined with our optimistic entrepreneurial spirit means that we can collaborate effectively, to not only support each other but to serve both our city and the wider Global Shapers movement. We are just launching our local projects which will aim to support social innovation and entrepreneurship – supporting our local networks in London and harnessing the knowledge and skills we have in the hub, for the hub.

So watch this space, more progress and detail will follow! We are also currently putting together the constitution for our hub, including rules of engagement and our strategy and mission. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future. We’ve got to all have fun too; one thing we all know is that strong relationships and trust makes impact that much more meaningful. We have monthly meetings in a central London location, including a business clinic for members followed by drinks.

Put simply, the London Hub aims to do three things; do good, have fun and impact society and business.