Find out who said what during the final day of the Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos.

“There needs to be an anti-corruption stance from the start, otherwise corruption is in the system.”
Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International and Co-Chair of the Annual Meeting, in The Global Agenda 2013 

“The fiscal cliff is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Policy-makers in rich countries are like rabbits in the headlight.”
Trevor Manuel, Minister of the National Planning Commission of South Africa, in The Global Economic Outlook

“Greece can take more time for fiscal consolidation, and so can some other countries. It shouldn’t be a fast pace.”
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, in The Global Economic Outlook

“There’s nothing to be scared of in open data. Unless you’re taking money where you shouldn’t be taking money.”
Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategyLabs in Citizen Power – Leading Connected Societies

“Financial markets don’t operate by the laws of physics. They don’t have a tendency to return to equilibrium.”
George Soros in An Insight, An Idea

“In the worst climate scenario, my kids will live in a world without coral reefs, with acid oceans and with wars fought over water.”
Jim Yong Kim, President of The World Bank, in The Global Economic Outlook 

“Davos has been too optimistic: the underlying issue is jobs. There are 200 million people unemployed worldwide.”
Frederico Curado, CEO of EMBRAER, Brazil, in The Global Agenda 2013 

“We will have financial crises on a fairly regular basis over the next 30 or 40 years. We’ve failed to learn the lessons of the last crisis.”
Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister, in China’s Next Global Agenda

“When China becomes the biggest economy in the world, its per capita income will be only a quarter of America’s.”
Larry Summers, Harvard University professor, in China’s Next Global Agenda

“Reform is not just a Chinese task: it is a global task.”
John Zhao, CEO of Hony Capital, in China’s Next Global Agenda

Image: Huguette Labelle at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos