Below are key quotes from Li Keqiang’s speech to the World Economic Forum’s 45th Annual Meeting in Davos. Watch the session featuring China’s Premier in full here.

“At present, China’s economy has entered a state of new normal – the gear of growth is shifting from high speed to medium to high speed.”

“It must be pointed out that China is still a developing country and still has a long way to go before achieving modernisation.”

“The world order established after World War Two … must be maintained not overturned, otherwise prosperity and development could be jeopardised.”

“China is opposed to terrorism in all its manifestations. China will remain committed to the path of peaceful development and uphold regional stability. We have no intention of competing for supremacy with other countries.”

“The flowers of different civilisations together make up the garden of human society. There should be mutual respect and harmony among different cultures and religions.”

“In a world facing a volatile economic situation we should all work to promote opening up and innovation.”

“When the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build windmills.”

“We have achieved growth in employment despite the economic slowdown.”

“Mass entrepreneurship and innovation could offer an endless source of creativity and wealth. It could be a goldmine that we could tap into…”

“China’s reform and development will bring more business opportunities to the world.”

Image: Li Keqiang, Premier of the People’s Republic of China delivers a speech during the plenary session ‘The Global Impact of China’s Economic Transformation’ during the Annual Meeting 2015 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 21, 2015. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM/ Michael Buholze