1. The key to growth? German Chancellor Angela Merkel says we need an environment that encourages public & private investment.

2. All countries, wherever they are in the world, are vulnerable to terrorism: François Hollande, President of France.

3. Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, on his vision when he launched the business.

4. Preparing for Davos 2015.

5. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the need for a vision of shared prosperity.

6. Why we need to be ready for the next global pandemic: Kofi Annan.

7. The impact of CO2 on our environment: Al Gore, climate change activist.

8. What is #ShapingDavos? Anastasia Kalinina explains.

9. Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook on the power of connectivity to create jobs.

10. Pharrell Williams supports Al Gore on the climate change agenda.