“Cyberspace is not just the internet. It’s a place where we worry about our well-being – and at the same time what we see is a growth of the threat that we face. A very sophisticated ecosystem of actors who together create jobs and supply chains that really threaten us, and the way in which we are seeing the evolution of these kinds of threats is getting quite dramatic and moving towards sabotage and physical outcomes.

“It’s not unbelievable that when we imagine the Internet of Things and the future technology environments, that we might see malicious nanobots attacking the very physical life blood of humanity. We already know that it’s possible to hack physical systems and bring down lights and take down our transport systems and literally make things go bang.”

In this World Economic Forum video, Sadie Creese, Professor of Cyber Security at the University of Oxford, explores some of the challenges of governing and protecting cyberspace.

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