As participants gather in Davos to discuss how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will disrupt business and change the way we live, we asked our Technology Pioneer companies for their take on what lies ahead in 2016.

Thibaud Le Séguillon, Chief Executive Officer, Heliatek GmbH

De-carbonized, de-centralized energy generation is becoming a reality with the deployment of solar films on building facades throughout the world. It is turning these buildings into power stations and avoiding the costly need to transport energy.

Thomas Chalberg, Founder and Scientific Adviser, Avalanche Biotechnologies

Health and technology will continue to converge into a growing "health-tech" sector - measuring health/fitness will become easier and more automated; technology products will emerge that are designed to protect and enhance our health as consumers of technology, and will promote healthier environments for homes, schools, and workplaces.

David Kingham, Chief Executive Officer, Tokamak Energy Ltd

I expect much greater enthusiasm for breakthrough energy technologies following the Paris Climate Change agreement. This public enthusiasm will be accompanied by private investment in a whole range of technologies including several different approaches to fusion energy.

Aniruddha Sharma, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Clean Solutions

A carbon price of 30 Euros a tonne will become a reality in the wake of the COP21 climate summit in Paris. We'll see a world divided, with industry in developed economies and power generation in the developing world adopting stricter stance towards carbon emissions and potential for re-use.

Peter Platzer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spire Global Inc.

The availability and resolution of imaging from satellites, drones, self-driving cars and more will continue to increase exponentially. This will drive the creation of ever more sophisticated analysis algorithms, products, and companies. Similarly, the growth of small satellite earth observation applications outside the imaging realm, in particular in signal intelligence and communication, will continue on its path of growth. This will lead towards more and more direct benefits to everyday people’s lives across the world from satellite systems.

Rob Leslie, Chief Executive Officer, Sedicii Innovations Limited

Cybercrime will increase. Sophisticated social engineering attacks on the public will increase, targeting the individual personally and through them their employer. Consequently there will be a much bigger focus on governance around the sharing and management of personal data, especially as it relates to identity and to children's identity in particular.