Emotion vs economics, robots you can push around, a polar book shelf and other top stories of the week.

Europe’s 10 fastest growing economies. As the EU faces an uncertain future, which countries are bouncing back from the last crisis?

This map reveals the full extent of ISIS’s cultural destruction. They ran bulldozers through Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra.

Is it unpatriotic to want to leave the European Union? Economic arguments alone won’t be enough to persuade voters to stay, argues Dominique Moisi.

Europe in 2026: nightmare or utopia? How today’s decisions will play out a decade from now.

80 years of Keynes. Does The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money still hold up in the 21st century?

5 ways companies can change the world. Or how to do well by doing good.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution needs wifi in everything. A new discovery brings that possibility closer.

A robot you can push around? Meet Atlas, the eerily agile robot: “Like the Karate Kid, except…a computer.”

The next generation of Gulf leaders. What younger leadership means for the future of the region.

Sometimes social media can change minds. The internet is not always an echo chamber. But does it secretly shape our opinions?

Cold comfort. The books taken by polar explorer and leadership icon Ernest Shackleton for those long Antarctic nights.

How advanced will robots be by 2020? The reality of robotics in films like Terminator and Robocop isn’t that far away, thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What does this mean for workers? (Guardian)

The war on terror comes to Silicon Valley. We must take a stand against hate speech on social media, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg told participants at Davos. (USA Today)

The oil crisis and women’s equality in Saudi Arabia. Belinda Parmar, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, reports on the kingdom’s changing social and economic currents. (Guardian)

Germany’s rich-poor gap is widening. Despite solid growth, many social groups remain disconnected from economic success. Cites Davos discussions. (Deutsche Welle)

Who’s disrupting whom? The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a huge opportunity for start-ups. (Huffington Post)

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