Africa's digital revolution; an Uber moment for banking and other top stories from the last seven days.

The digital revolution will transform Africa’s economies. If they implement the right strategies.

Image: Oxford Internet Institute

How unequal is the world? This video about a world of 100 people makes it clear.

Cities have to change with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s time to begin planning.

If you’re a real estate broker, start rethinking your job. The industry as we know it is about to disappear.

Banks are on the brink of an “Uber moment”, a Citigroup report says. Up to 30% of jobs will be lost by 2025.

And they’d better pay attention to social media. It’s transforming financial services.

Low-skilled immigrants may actually be good for the working class. New research from Denmark challenges common views in the US, but a stronger safety net may be needed.

What would Brexit cost? Economists crunch the numbers. The exact cost depends on several variables, but the short answer is: a lot.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the economics of food. In one convenient reading list.

The Japanese are dying from overwork. The growth of a two-tier workforce, with temporary workers and women on the bottom, has increased the problem.

Can we create an “early warning system” to predict the next real estate bubble? The Shaping the Future of Real Estate initiative has developed a prototype. Insights and forecasts are available now.

3D printing could save American manufacturing. The new production model will have multiple small factories near centres of demand. Cites Forum report. (Newsweek)

Using art to rehabilitate prisoners. A Forum initiative comes to life in India. (The Times of India)

Facebook just might bring internet to the entire world. And its competitors may do the same. Cites Forum research. (The Week)

Is America ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The US cannot rest on its laurels. (Foreign Policy)

Intelligent machines are impacting the highest levels of corporate management. Cites Forum survey on artificial intelligence. (The Telegraph)

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