Millennials may save us all, ditch the economy of the 1% and other top stories from the last seven days.

Millennials may save us all. Their intolerance for norms and institutions is just what the economy needs.

Ditch the economy of the 1%. It’s time to go beyond GDP to make an economy that works for us all.

GDP is an imperfect speedometer. There are better indicators.

Fintech is changing finance. Here are five things you need to know about the brave new financial world.

Eleven million Syrians have no home. These powerful photos show just what that means.

Your closet is about to get smart. Technology is transforming fashion.

The old concept of national citizenship creates tensions in a world of flexible borders. Should we create graduated categories of citizenship?

A neoliberal case for a basic income. A believer in “neoliberal capitalism” argues that a guaranteed minimum income is the best way to fight poverty, reduce bureaucracy, and stimulate more reforms.

How does China see the world? How can such a complex entity be a consistently responsible stakeholder?

Corruption is a source of geopolitical risk. Managing it needs strategy.

The current level of globalization is unprecedented. A new study maps out gains from trade and openness since 1800.

America’s deadly obsession with the car. More than 3,000 people die each month from accidents in traffic, and that’s just the beginning.

We may soon want to drop money from helicopters. Links to a Forum explanation of the concept. (Market Realist)

Digitalization is sweeping global industry. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be a big topic at a major German trade fair. (Deutsche Welle)

Leaders from business and politics look at stability risks from fintech. Cites the Forum’s four recommendations for a global approach. (Reuters; FT)

Who has the world’s least affordable internet access? The “winning” country is one of the world’s richest. Cites Forum study. (ABC)

Nigeria is aiming to increase tourism. Local boosters are looking at a Forum report to help do it. (AllAfrica)

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