A visual history of the gender pay gap; the secrets of venture capitalists and other top stories from the last seven days.

A history of the gender pay gap. Brought to life in visual form.

How big is Europe’s terror problem? Smaller than it has been, by historical standards.

An easy way to save $1 trillion a year. Sort out creaking infrastructure. Here’s how.

The best kept secrets of venture capitalists. And what other companies can learn from them.

Climate change is the biggest existential threat to humanity. So if we want to tackle it, we need the one thing that unites 84% of the world: religion.

In search of the new Mad Men. The advertising industry has struggled with the transition to digital. But it’s not too late for a reinvention.

12 people changing the world. Meet this year’s Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs.

Poor people don’t need your charity. They need you to listen.

There are 168 million victims of child labour. And we’re failing all of them.

Smallholder farmers produce 70% of the world’s food. So how is it they can barely afford to feed themselves?

Should I stay or should I go? New research shows sharp demographic divides on Britain’s future in Europe. London sides with Scotland, the young square off against the old, and an entire view of the world is at stake.

Preparing now for the next pandemic won’t just save lives. It will also save billions of dollars and be worthwhile even if the pandemic never comes.

Genes and the American dream. Only the rich fulfil their genetic potential, a new study of identical and fraternal twins indicates.

Europeans may not be foreign policy freeriders after all. Although US foreign policy officials often claim they bear an unfair burden, the Europeans are stepping up to the plate both militarily and diplomatically.

The promises of blockchain. The technology has huge potential, but it will take time, patience and maybe even new regulation before it delivers, says one Forum expert. (Coin Desk)

Skills shortage threatens growth. That’s according to the EEF manufacturers’ association. Cites the Future of Jobs report. (Guardian)

The Celtic tiger roars again. While over in Finland, the situation couldn’t be more different. Cites the Global Competitiveness Report. (Bloomberg)

The economic and political case for gender parity. From the US Ambassador to Nepal. Draws on data from the Global Gender Gap Report. (Kathmandu Post)

Jobs aren’t disappearing. They’re just changing. Cites the Future of Jobs report. (CNBC)

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