A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

1. Facts and figures. Real incomes in 25 advanced economies were flat or have fallen between 2005 and 2014. When children grow up poorer than their parents, this is a worrisome development. (McKinsey Global Institute)

Image: McKinsey Global Institute

2. More on the US economy, where productivity is slowing and inequality rising. Here’s a take on what’s driving this. (Evonomics)

3. African entrepreneurship is on the rise. Have you heard of these companies? (Harvard Business Review)

4. African states are breaking down borders in a push toward greater integration as the African Union enables visa-free travel among its member states. (Financial Times)

5. Venezuela’s economic collapse is a tragic reminder of the crucial link between economic management and social wellbeing. (Knowledge@Wharton)

6. A research study found a positive correlation between income inequality, poverty and ‘leave’ votes in the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum. (Bruegel)

7. The backlash against globalization has not been met by a clear strategy to establish a new, more inclusive economic model. (Project Syndicate)

8. The Republic of Ireland reported a revised GDP growth of 26.3% in 2015. More than measuring an actual increase of economic activity, this underscores the insufficiency of our current approach to measuring economic wellbeing. (Quartz)

9. It is actually not straightforward to compare the size of economies. (The Economist)

10. Poverty is a reality in wealthy countries. A photographer has documented some of America’s 46 million poor. (Zeit Online)