A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

1. Facts and figures. Deutsche Bank research suggests lower growth in the EU following Brexit and lower credit growth. (Deutsche Bank)

Image: Deutsche Bank
Image: Deutsche Bank

2. Brexit was a wake-up call to alert us to the downsides of globalization. Indeed, not everyone benefits. The EU now faces two substantive challenges. (Project Syndicate)

3. This interview investigates the links between economic behaviour, ethnicity and culture. (Knowledge@Wharton)

4. Ramadan is a case in point. It has been found to dampen growth, although during this time religion and leisure are valued more. This is an interesting contribution to the “beyond GDP” debate. (The Economist)

5. Here is an unorthodox explanation for widening income inequality. (Kellogg Insight)

6. A series of working papers looks into the links between voting and inequality. (Washington Center for Equitable Growth)

7. There has never been a better time to be alive, yet the backlash against globalization is spreading and the world is growing evermore divided. A new book provides (historic) context on this situation and calls on us all to tackle the economic challenges of our time. (World Economic Forum)

8. Business schools should teach future executives how to run companies that benefit society, not merely shareholders. (Institute for New Economic Thinking)

9. Colombia has reached a peace deal. What does it mean for the Latin American country’s development prospects? (Harvard Business Review)

10. In case you missed it. Emerging markets have been in the headlines as their economic conditions worsened amid commodity prices collapsing and global demand slowing. How are companies performing in emerging markets? (BCG Perspectives)