Climate change and globalization: a dangerous mix for the world economy.

Public-private cooperation in finance could help fill the $2.5 trillion development gap.

Your next meeting may be with a hologram. Virtual 3D teleportation is coming.

The 1% are richer than the rest of the world put together. Fighting tax havens would fight inequality.

But there’s still reason for hope. We can make growth inclusive without building walls.

We have the numbers now: how much Brexit might reduce global growth.

Image: IMF

Dear Data. You can now quantify your deepest emotions.

The world is taking its revenge against elites. And America isn’t paying attention.

The EU is the least of Europe’s problems. It’s the continent’s national democracies that aren’t working.

Can intellectuals have an impact on public life? What is a public intellectual anyway?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution gets friendly. Social robots are coming.

An alternative history of time. Physics tells us the universe is a fixed block, where time only appears to pass. But that might be wrong.

America needs to invest in infrastructure, but probably won’t. Cites rankings from Global Competitiveness Report. (Los Angeles Times)

The UK’s infrastructure is even worse. Cites Forum infrastructure rankings. (Financial Times)

How to bridge South Africa’s economic divide. Draws on Forum corporate governance rankings. (International Monetary Fund)

Elon Musk could help fill the global skills gap. References the Future of Manufacturing Report. (Straits Times)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution means tech leaders have the power. (Jakarta Post)

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