The key to workplace happiness, advice from a sports psychologist and other top leadership stories from the last seven days.

3 steps to achieving your goals. Improvement coach, cognitive psychologist and educational researcher Amanda Crowell on the mindsets needed to achieve your goals.

This coach improved everything by 1%, putting Britain on the road to Rio Olympic glory. The aggregation of marginal gains has transformed British cycling. Could it work for you?

Autonomy could be the key to workplace happiness. Research suggests that automony can have a positive impact in the workplace.

Why you should do things that make you feel 'stupid'. Hala Hanna on the lessons she learned in order to keep growing professionally.

Don't try to balance work and life. Integrate the two. New research suggests that keeping work and home life separate could actually be making us more stressed.

The paradoxical qualities of successful leaders. Dr Travis Bradberry looks at the apparently contradictory characteristics displayed by successful leaders.

Advice on dealing with pressure from a sports psychologist who trains Olympians. Kristin Keim is a sports psychologist who trains Olympic athletes. This is how she helps them deal with pressure.

It's not just answering emails out-of-hours that's exhausting. Worrying about them is a major problem. A new study highlights the impact of worrying about out-of-hours emails.

Businesses aren't ready for the digital age, suggests research. Research from MIT and Deloitte suggests that employees doubt their company's ability to adapt to digital disruption.