How competitive is your economy? The Forum’s latest global rankings are out and Switzerland is top.

The Global Competitiveness Report is attracting coverage around the world: India continues to climb (Wall Street Journal), the Brexit vote puts Britain's competitiveness at risk (The Guardian), Hong Kong slips two spots (South China Morning Post), and declining openness is a 'major threat' (Deutsche Welle).

How competitiveness is measured, and why it matters.

China’s energy shift could save us all. Coal use is down, renewables are rising.

Food tech is working to replace meat ... and save the planet.

Banks may be biased against women. A new study looks at barriers to banking access.

Intellectual property laws cost lives. Research and development for medicine needs a reset.

Remembering Shimon Peres. Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab pays tribute.

Computers kill jobs that don’t use computers. Your best bet: work with the robots.

The world is rethinking easy money. Quantitative easing faces new questions.

Playing god with human genes. The societal impact of new genome-editing technologies.

Why does time go forward? It may be all about space.

Fixing globalization doesn't weaken the extreme right. But young people might.

Africa may get a $7.6 billion train line. The Forum is helping the African Development Bank find investors. (Bloomberg)

Universities need to train engineers for the new economy. The Future of Jobs Report helps explain why. (The Hindu)

Can the oil shock revive Saudi Arabia’s tech sector? Cites Global Information Technology Report. (ZDNet)

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