Under the theme Fostering an Inclusive India through Digital Transformation, the India Economic Summit 2016 will convene regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society.

The meeting takes place from 6 to 7 October in New Delhi, India and below you will find instructions on how to follow #ies16 via our social media channels, how to embed live broadcasts, and how to access the photographs taken during the event.

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We will be sharing data, news and views with our 2.1 million Facebook followers at http://wef.ch/facebook.

We also have an official Facebook page on India for regional updates.

Spanish speakers can follow our Foro Económico Mundial Facebook page for content from our Spanish blog.


We invite you to follow the World Economic Forum on Twitter @wef and @davos, and check out our live tweeting account, where we tweet key quotes from official plenary sessions and where most of the Twitter chatter will happen.

The official meeting hashtag is #ies16. We also have other hashtags that will be used to follow contributions around the main topics and themes of the meeting:

· Food security and agriculture: #foodsecurity

· Smart cities: #smartcities

· India's growth: #indiagrowth

· Skills and education in India: #upskillindia

· Future of energy: #futureenergy

· International trade and investment: #globaltrade


Follow the meeting on our LinkedIn page at http://wef.ch/linkedin.


Follow the meeting on Google+ at http://wef.ch/gplus.

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Forum Agenda

We will be publishing articles by participants, CEOs and industry leaders during the meeting on our content platform Agenda.

You are welcome to republish any article from this feed, providing you credit the World Economic Forum and link back to the original.


Key sessions will be broadcast live as webcasts at http://wef.ch/ies16.

You can see the full video player here.

Embed the full programme

Add the full livestreamed programme to your website and the videos will play automatically once the sessions start.

Just copy and paste the following code:

<iframe src="https://webcasts.weforum.org/widget/1/india2016?p=1&pi=1&ms=1&th=1" width="970px" height="696px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

This code will add a section to your website that looks like this:

Embed individual session videos

You can embed any of the individual sessions being broadcast directly to your website. To do that, select the title of the session you want to embed and click on the embed button, as indicated on the image below:

The videos will start playing automatically once the session starts. Once the session finishes, it will take a few minutes for the session to be available on demand. The same code will play the video on demand once it's ready.


A selection of the best pictures taken at the India Economic Summit will be made available free of charge under the creative commons licence (cc-by-sa) on our database ResourceSpace at http://wef.ch/pics.