A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion

1. Facts and figures. Business dynamism is slowing in the United States and market concentration is rising. It's threatening competitiveness and future productivity. (OECD Ecoscope; see also the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017)

Image: Census Bureau. Bureau of Economic Analysis

2. Medieval peasants had more vacation time than you. On the productivity of toiling. (Evonomics)

3. Surprisingly positive news about broad-based growth from Europe and the US. (Financial Times)

4. As the gig economy grows, it becomes more pertinent to ensure the economic security of its workers and their access to equal social benefits. (Wall Street Journal, an earlier version is available on Brookings)

5. Absolutely everything you need to know about negative interest rates. (World Economic Forum)

6. What are the US candidates’ positions on fiscal policy, infrastructure and education? Here’s a 10-page overview. (The Economist)

7. Two columnists debate the free trade and populist backlash. (BloombergView)

8. The uneven distribution of the gains from trade can be cushioned by government spending. The US has failed in this regard. (Peterson Institute of International Economics)

9. Is global fiscal activism needed to jump-start the world economy? Beyond infrastructure, global health is an area to consider. (Project Syndicate)

10. In case you missed it. 10 big ideas on inequality, presented in short talks by Harvard faculty from various disciplines. (Harvard University)