Each week, I scan the most commented posts on the World Economic Forum's social channels and report on your feedback.

This week, we nudged you to get involved in the conversation ahead of and during our Annual Meeting in Davos. This post is a call out for contributors who would like to engage with our programme through our digital channels. Sign up online.

What you said includes comments on a video about the link between sleep and income, and a piece about whether having children makes you more productive. You didn't like either.

We are at the beginning of December, so over the course of the next few weeks we can look forward to a tidal wave of look-back analyses of the year that 2016 has been. For those of us with an open, globalist view of the world, it has certainly been an eventful one, and 2017 will test our worldview to the limit.

Next week, on 12 December, we will publish a piece by World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab on what he sees as the five priorities for leaders over the course of the next year. It provides a framework for our programme in Davos.