As the first day of our Annual Meeting in Davos draws to a close, catch up on the main events with our selection of top video clips. From President Xi Jinping's embrace of globalization to Shakira's educational mission and an interview with Anthony Scaramucci, adviser to Donald Trump, here's our inaugural highlights reel.

Xi Jinping on globalization, climate change and trade

The opening address by China's President Xi Jinping was the highlight of the day. Here he urges nations around the world not to "retreat to their safe harbours" but to give globalization another chance.

Shakira on early education

The musician and UNICEF Global Ambassador has devoted much of her life to childhood development. She set up the Fundacion Piez Descalzos (Barefoot Foundation) - a non-profit whose mission is to make education universally accessible to all children - when she was just 18. Here she explains how growing up in Colombia shaped her views.

Anthony Scaramucci on Brexit

Donald Trump's adviser makes the case for less nationalism and greater focus on our common humanity in this Facebook Live interview.

Oxfam on dangerous inequality

The world's eight richest men now own more wealth than the poorer half of the global population. This is the stark message of a new report by Oxfam, launched here at Davos today. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of the global charity, explains how the world reached such an unsustainable state of affairs in this Facebook Live video.

John Kerry on Obama's legacy

In his final speech as US secretary of state, John Kerry took the chance to list America's achievements. The new administration will start with the benefit of a strong economy and the sound diplomacy of the last eight years, he says.

Mary Barra on digital skills

In a session on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the General Motors chairman says a technical and digital education crucial for today's workers. Here she talks about how to prepare people for a changing workplace. You can watch the whole session here.