Davos is a meeting of leaders. As the beliefs and ideas of leadership around the world changes, so do those of the participants at our Annual Meeting. This year a number of politicians from Europe that ran on populist tickets will attend the meeting, as will a significant number of business leaders that are aligned in an advisory capacity to President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration.

On Friday, a number of these have been invited to join a session entitled, Populism from a Policy Perspective. Invited panellists include Carla Ruocco, Member of Parliament of Italy and one of the leadership team of the Five Star Movement, Timo Soini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland from the country’s Finns Party and Roger Köppel, Publisher, Die Weltwoche, Switzerland

On Thursday, another session on the public programme will consider the likelihood and potential impact of a break-up of the European Union.

With nearly a third of all participants representing stakeholder groups outside government and business, the purpose of the Annual Meeting is to address four urgent priorities for the world in 2017. These are: the need to strengthen growth, reform market capitalism, strengthen our systems for global cooperation and prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which, as well as promising great progress in terms of economic and human development, has the potential to have a huge negative impact on employment if measures to prepare workforces are not taken now.