The World Economic Forum is an International Institute under Swiss law, a not-for-profit, politically neutral organization. It's mission is "committed to improve the state of the world".

A large majority of its funding is provided by the world's most significant business entities, who join the Forum as members and partners in order to participate in our activities. The Forum offers different levels of membership and partnership, tailored to the level of engagement that meets the strategic needs of our members and partners.

Membership and partnership fees range from CHF60,000 to CHF600,000 depending on the level of engagement. Most types of membership include the opportunity to participate in the Annual Meeting for the CEO of the company, although Davos participation incurs a fee over and above membership or partnership fees.

The Forum also works with government agencies in order to achieve project or initiative objectives, and, in certain instances, these agencies fund those activities through the Forum.

Non-business participants in the Annual Meeting - such as leaders from civil society, the arts, young global leaders, media leaders, heads of state and ministers from over 70 countries - do not pay to participate, and some communities such as academic faculty receive travel and accommodation funding in order to facilitate their attendance.

Security costs are shared with Swiss government entities on the federal, cantonal and municipal level.

More details of our funding can be found on our latest Annual Report