A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

1. We have always known it, but we can no longer ignore it. Irrational behaviour is upsetting economic modelling. (World Economic Forum)

2. Will globalization survive the current protectionist wave? Martin Sandbu believes it will. (Financial Times, paywall)

3. Should we be worried about how robots will impact the economy? (World Economic Forum)

4. Adrian Monck on taxing robots. Should we? (Arc)

5. Not to read but to listen. The Economic Tectonics radio programme analyses the main shifts in economics under way. (BBC)

6. How mobility has declined in the US. (Financial Times, paywall)

7. Sebastian Mallaby argues that the Fed is too predictable. (Council on Foreign Relations)

8. Mark Roe on a potential US housing bubble. (Project Syndicate)

9. Martin Wolf on how India could remain the world’s growth superpower. (Arc)