Accused of underpaying women, Google says it’s too expensive to get wage data.

This entrepreneur A/B tested her clothes to combat sexism. (Wired)

The ambition-marriage trade-off too many single women face. (Harvard Business Review)

US gives up its attempt to prevent listing gender equality as a human right. (BuzzFeed)

Why female entrepreneurs are cursed with ‘male-only’ business attributes. (World Economic Forum)

Cambridge Names ‘Professor of Play’ to Bring Women to Tech. (Bloomberg)

How women mentors make a difference in engineering. (The Atlantic)

The hidden women in astronomy research. (The Atlantic)

The guilty privilege of being a white woman in India. (Quartz)

I ran an illegal beauty salon: the secret lives of women under Islamic State. (Middle East Eye)

If you can’t retain women, don’t recruit them. (Wired)

This trillion-dollar investors’ group is challenging Australia’s all-male boardrooms. (Bloomberg)

Chart of the week: Online harassment, 76% of women under 30 experience online harassment

Sources: Norton

Quote of the week

“If women’s economic potential is fully harnessed, their productivity will be equal to China’s and India’s economies combined.”

Irene Natividad
President, Global Summit of Women
Opening address, 27th Global Summit of Women, May 2017