Italian architect Renato Vidal has designed a new affordable living concept — flat-pack homes which start from just £25,000 ($33,000).

Called M.A.DI homes, the concept could work just as easily as a bachelor pad as it could a permanent family home.

Vidal's modular houses are earthquake resistant and come complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities, a staircase and mezzanine living area, central heating, and air conditioning — and they apparently only take six or seven hours to assemble with three workers.

The tiny homes come in varying sizes, with prices beginning at €28,000 (£25,000 or $33,000) for the smallest 27 square metre (290 sq ft) single unit, rising to €62,000 (£55,000 or $73,000) for the 84 square metre (904 sq ft) triple family home.

Image: Business Insider

Designs will be drawn up within 10 days of the agreement of the sale, and delivery will be made 60 days from these drawings being accepted.

They're flexible too, according to the brochures — if you decide to move location you can simply pack up your unit and take it with you.

Equally, if you're in need of some more space, you can simply buy more modules to add to your house.

Each additional module costs €16,000 (£14,000 or $19,000) while an extra staircase will set you back €2,000 (£1,800 or $2,400).

The tiny homes, which are manufactured by Italian wood specialist Area Legno, are also eco-friendly.

Inside, these CGI images show an open-plan living space which is pretty modern and stylish.

Image: Business Insider

There's an upper floor bedroom mezzanine and a staircase to get to it.

Image: Business Insider

If you decide to move location, you can simply pack up your unit and take it with you.

Image: Business Insider

M.A.DI homes could be the latest answer to the global property crisis.