The US economy is an enormous behemoth, made up of the 51 component economies of the states and Washington, DC.

As international trade is an important part of the national economy, it's also a big part of many state economies as well.

The US Census Bureau tracks imports and exports of goods, broken down by state. Using that data, Business Insider made two maps showing the biggest import and export trade partners for each state by dollar value of goods traded in 2016.

Looming large in both exports and imports are the US's NAFTA partner nations and neighbors of Canada and Mexico. Many states imported more goods from China than any other country.

Here's every state's biggest goods export trading partner. 33 states exported the most goods to Canada in 2016:

Image: BI

And the biggest trade partner for imported goods. Just 15 states imported more goods from Canada than any other country, while 22 states had China as their biggest import partner:

Image: BI