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Here's your chance to talk to a Davos leader.

3,000 leaders from across global society will meet in Davos, Switzerland January 23-26 to find solutions to the world's biggest challenges.

They'll be tackling everything from climate change to rising inequality to the implications of artificial intelligence and the robot age.

And to do that they need to know what concerns you most. So here's your chance to ask a Davos leader a question.

Click on the link below and upload a short video question (no more than 20 seconds long) and we'll do our best to find a participant to answer during our Annual Meeting.

We can't guarantee all questions will be answered but we will watch them all and find ways of channeling them into the Davos conversation.

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Here are some of the example questions that leaders will be addressing in Davos:

  • Economics - How can we strengthen economic growth and decrease inequality at the same time?
  • The Global Environment - What solutions are you working on to tackle air pollution?
  • Energy - What innovative projects do you have that will provide safe and clean energy for people?
  • Global Finance - Can the global financial system cope with ever-increasing complexity?
  • Global Trade - Are you working to increase global trade? Will that affect local communities badly?
  • Mobility and transport - What impact will driverless cars have on the world?
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Are digital technologies bringing us together or pulling us apart?
  • Gender Parity - What are some practical ways in which businesses can close the gender gap in their organisation?
  • Arts and Culture - How can the arts heal fractures between people?

We will be putting your questions to participants during and after the World Economic Forum’s Annual meeting in Davos, January 23 - 26, 2018.

Remember to keep your question short and direct. The video should be no longer than 20 seconds. We cannot use videos that are any longer.

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