A round-up of the most interesting recent stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

The effects of Brexit on UK growth and inflation. Two years into the Brexit discussions, what is the data showing? (Bruegel)

Good quality early childcare could help reduce inequality and increase productivity. (VOX EU)

What is a tariff? An economist explains the role of tariffs in a global trade war. (The Conversation)

Strong labour relations key to reducing inequality and meeting challenges of a changing world of work. Employees also have their role to play in deciding what technologies to adapt and how. (moderndiplomacy)

Freeing Econ 101: Beyond the grasp of the invisible hand. A new approach to teaching economics. (Behavioral Scientist)

Europe’s digital economy is growing but not as fast as other regions. The regional champion: Estonia. (Emerging Europe)

Economic mobility in developing countries has stalled for the past 30 years. But inequality of opportunity can be reduced with the right policy actions. (moderndiplomacy)

Solution to UK productivity puzzle is misconceived. Why governments should focus on attracting exporters to increase productivity. (Financial Times, paywall)

What GDPR means for businesses outside Europe. An overview of the impact of new data regulations. (Quartz)

Circular economy. New rules will make EU the global front-runner in waste management and recycling. (moderndiplomacy)

Should we fear the robot revolution? (The correct answer is yes). The IMF analyses the implications of technology on inequality and output. (IMF)