The World Economic Forum's Book Club, launched in April 2018, has just announced its September pick: Inglorious Empire by Dr Shashi Tharoor.

The book will be discussed by our Book Club members throughout the month of September, across our social media channels - mostly in our Facebook group, but also on Twitter and Instagram. The author will reply to members' questions.

Previous featured authors include Yuval Noah Harari, Melinda Gates, Elif Shafak and Walter Isaacson. Click below to find out more about the Book Club.

What is the World Economic Forum's Book Club?

The World Economic Forum launched its official Book Club on Facebook in April 2018. Readers worldwide are invited to join and discuss a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction. It is a private Facebook group dedicated to discussing one book every month.

Each month, we announce a new book on our social media channels. We then publish an extract and begin a chapter-by-chapter discussion with group members. Selected comments and questions are sent to the author, who in return sends us a video response.

Unlike other book clubs, the group features the direct involvement of the authors, giving you - our global audience with members all around the globe - a chance to directly connect with some of the most influential thinkers and experts in the world.

We have featured authors such as Steven Pinker, Elif Shafak, Yuval Noah Harari, and Melinda Gates.

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Our September author, Dr Shashi Tharoor, is an award-winning author of 18 books of fiction and non-fiction, including The Great Indian Novel, Pax Indica: India and the World of the 21st Century, An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, Why I Am A Hindu and The Paradoxical Prime Minister. He has won numerous literary awards, including a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. He currently represents Thiruvananthapuram as a member of the Indian parliament, having previously served in government as Minister of State for Human Resource Development and for External Affairs.

Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, India captured during the Session:
Shashi Tharoor during the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit, 2017

Inglorious Empire examines Britain’s colonial past and the effect it has had on India. Tharoor made a speech in 2015 entitled "Does Britain owe reparations to its former colonies?", which went viral on social media and inspired him to expand it into a book.

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