The real reason you’re not happy: people aren’t built for it.
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We’ve just used up Earth’s resources for the year. Happy Overshoot Day.
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Need talent and an economic boost? Refugee camps offer both.

The Asian century is here. What role will China play?

Fly me to the moon. Understanding India’s bold space programme.

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The most innovative economies: global and regional leaders.

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As STEM dominate universities, can we save the humanities?

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98 years old, working 60 hours a week. France’s oldest doctor won’t quit.

Expelling the poor. The US once aggressively deported the Irish.

A new target in the war against plastic waste. Cites Forum research. (New York Times)

How blockchain could change Kenya. Quotes Forum forecast for blockchain growth. (

Forum launches policy library on Shared, Electric and Automated Mobility (SEAM) options. (ITS International)

Climate change and gender equality. References Global Gender Gap Index. (Time)

Leading factories commit to share innovation. The Forum Lighthouse Network spreads. (Manufacturers’ Monthly)