5 trends in the global economy from the new Global Competitiveness Report.
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Global Competitiveness Report 2019
Image: World Economic Forum

Getting to $10 trillion. How India does it.
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Women’s rights and trade against the tide. Highlights of the India Economic Summit.

Bangladesh is exporting robots to Korea. A developing economy booms.

Top blockchain traps—and how business can avoid them.

Already caring for 500 million. Steps toward universal health coverage in India.

How would you like your chair grown? An alternative to logging.

The lifeblood of many developing economies: remittances.

Too good and too cheap. The plastics challenge and how to solve it.

Teaching prisoners how to swordfight. A Senegalese jail innovates in rehabilitation.

A worldwide currency may be problematic—and hard to stop.

Higher rates for tech giants? A new proposal for global corporate taxation.

Champagne remedies and sneezing ferrets. The history of the flu.

$125 billion a year in corporate tax evasion. How it works and how to stop it.

Machiavelli was too innocent. How populists get away with brazen lying.

Gloom now, progress ahead. An interview with Forum founder Klaus Schwab. (Business Times)

Productivity stagnant despite global stimulus. Coverage of The Global Competitiveness Report. (New York Times)

Singapore tops the US as most competitive economy. More on The Global Competitiveness Report. (Bloomberg)

Time to ban harmful fishing subsidies. Cites Forum-backed Friends of Ocean Action coalition. (France 24)

How to control facial recognition tech. Interview with the Forum AI lead (CNBC)