While climate change will be one of the biggest themes at Davos this year, the programme will cover an array of topics, from AI to LGBTI.

Woven through it all is the urgent need to shift the way we live to create a more cohesive and sustainable world.

You can get up to speed with our collection of blogs about the meeting and by participants. Here are some highlights:

Businesses are thriving, societies are not. Time for urgent change. Is this the end of an era for shareholder capitalism?

Financing fossil fuels risks a repeat of the 2008 crash. Here's why. A warning that we're heading for both climate and economic catastrophe.

The route to true gender equality? Fix the system, not women. What if workplaces supported women as mothers and men as fathers?

davos - The gender gap at work
The gender gap at work

5 lessons on how to save our relationship with the natural world. From the wetlands of the Camargue in France to the Mauritanian coast.

What lies ahead for the global economy? Fragile recovery and a simmering trade war.

'I was diagnosed with PTSD as a young child'. Grace Gatera survived the genocide in Rwanda and now campaigns for better mental healthcare.

Lessons on human cooperation from the fight against Ebola. "Often, the fight against disease is slow, with gains won over years and measured in statistics and bar charts."

Kenneth C. Frazier on working together beyond differences

You can also explore the sub-themes of Davos in more detail, with our primers on health, the environment, better business, the economy, geopolitics, technology and the future of work.