What you should do. How to protect yourself from COVID-19 (the Coronavirus).
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What the world should do. A plan to solve this health crisis and prevent the next one too.
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Who’s at risk. How COVID-19 fatality rates change with age.

The groups most vulnerable from COVID-19 coronavirus.
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Why COVID-19 isn’t an outlier. Our interconnected viral age.

We need to talk about COVID-19: what the media can and should do.

Percentage of people in some European countries that see COVID-19 as a threat.
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40% of multinationals profits go to tax havens. Time for a fairer tax system.

Electrifying Africa. What distributed energy and data-driven financing can do.

Radical optimism. What you can do about climate change.

The ‘Mick Jagger of microbes’ on how to respond to the Coronavirus.

The ways liars win. How spreaders of misinformation acquire influence online.

If the Coronavirus becomes a pandemic, here’s the likely economic impact.

12 small actions with a big impact for gender parity.

Forum China lead interviewed about COVID-19 in China. (People’s Daily, CGTN French).

Forum launches framework for facial recognition tech. (Smart Cities World)

Should rich countries pay to protect biodiversity? Cites discussions at Davos and Global Risks Report. (Guardian)

Time to rethink development finance. References Forum Humanitarian Investment Initiative. (Devex)

Rare diseases and the economics of US healthcare. Cites Forum whitepaper. (Time)