Probably immune, possibly still infectious. Life after you recover from COVID-19.
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Bring out the big artillery, fast. How to fight the economic fallout.
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Immunity, vaccines, and what to do. A top virologist answers key questions.

Lockdowns work. The numbers prove it—and show how long it takes.

Containment measures flatten the infection curve, but steepen the recession curve.
Image: Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

More and more young people are being hospitalized because of COVID-19.

Ventilators are in demand—here’s how the world is responding.

Vinegar won’t kill COVID-19 in your home. Here’s what will.

he $4.5 trillion takeover. The jig is up for diehard free-marketeers.

Who gets a respirator—or a mask? How to allocate scarce medical resources fairly.

Good-bye austerity, or good-bye monetary union? Europe after COVID-19.

Patient-centred care doesn’t work here. This crisis requires community-centred care.

Forecasts for a cure or vaccine: timelines for the most promising research.

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